If the injured animal you found is a large bird or raptor, call Cascade Raptor Center at 541-485-1320 for immediate assistance.

The Humane society also has a great resource regarding animals you may encounter. Find more information at https://www.humanesociety.org/animals


There are many urban hazards that are impossible to navigate for wild animals. Even though they are not hurt yet, they may be in an attempt to escape or possibly be unable to escape at all and die.

If you see an animal or know of one that is trapped or endangered by Urban infrastructure we will attempt to assist the animal out of danger. This could be rescue from a water canal with steep concrete walls, storm grates, fencing, or traffic hazards.

Contact us 541-908-5302

Animal Safety is important to us


WAR is a strong message. Here at Wild Animal Rescue of Lane County we have a strong message too. We believe animals though they may be frightening, dangerous, misunderstood or inconvenient to us, they are deserving of a safe place to live in this world.

Human beings NEED animals, all of them. Humans have a responsibility to protect and encourage wild animals in their existence.

The first step in this duty is awareness. Be aware of animals and how you may be affecting them. Animals spend most of their time seeking the basics of survival and we often negatively impact their hard work with careless disregard. Simple steps of actively watching out for our friends in existence can dramatically alter their chances of survival.

Our mission is to reduce animal injury encounters by building land bridges around Lane County to assist animals in high volume traffic areas and to operate a 24 hour hotline to inform people of the options for helping wild animals.