A Simple Start

A chance encounter

One Saturday afternoon a mother and daughter were checking out local garage sales with grandkids in tow, when there was a major road hazard.

A mother turkey was fighting a blue-jay in the road for one of her babies. We pulled the car over but it was a blind corner with only a bike lane to park partially in, so now we were a road obstruction as well. We found three babies in the road and other courteous drivers stopped to help direct traffic around us but even after we rescued the fourth baby from the jay, the mother turkey was still in the road.

This is when we realized three chicks had slipped into the adjacent sewer grate. I stayed at the sewer grate and started making calls. My daughter went to move the grandkids to a safer location. After contacting every available agency, and running in telephone circles, it was clear on this sunny Saturday that no-one was coming to help.

We ourselves were able to remove the grate cover and rescue the three remaining turkey chicks to get the mother hen out of the road, but we realized right away, it shouldn’t be so hard to get accurate help information. There should be a resource you can always contact to get fast, reliable help.

We decided to start our hotline and land-bridge initiative. Sometimes we are able to send volunteers on actual rescues, but we are always here to answer the phone and give honest information about the circumstances you are in and what help is available.