Wild Animal Rescue of Lane county received a call late in May regarding the rehoming of some domestic Pekin ducks. Not our usual call for service as we usually only handle wild animal calls but any animals in need are our soft spot, so we gathered the details to see what help we could offer.

The caller said she and her son had discovered the ducklings in the trash on a walk one day. She immediately adopted the adorable ducklings into her home, unaware how big they would become. Once these sweet Pekin ducks began to reach full size, she realized she didn’t have the space to properly keep them happy and healthy. That’s when she found us online and reached out to see if we could help.

We were able to use our resources to reach out to the local community and find someone with plenty of space to rehome the ducks with. Our volunteers drove and picked up the ducks and transported them to their new digs, a couple of farm acres with some new chicken friends.

We are so happy to have a great ending for everyone involved and to be able to share our stories with you.

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