This summer we had a wonderful opportunity to follow along on someone else’s journey of helping wild animals.

The initial interaction came in when a woman called who had accidentally watered some baby bunnies who had taken residence under her flower bushes.

Being quite concerned and feeling like she needed to act, she contacted our hotline. Within a short time she was able to get the nest resecured and Mom bunny returned. She must have been happy with the renovations because she and her little family kept the temporary residence.

The caller was able to observe them regularly without disturbing the nest literally under her window.

Over the course of the summer we provided information multiple times regarding the situation including feline deterrent ideas when local cats caught wise to the adorable bundles of bunny joy.

Finally we received a call that the whole group had finished summering in the safety of the flowers and moved on.

We were really happy to have such a great wild animal and human encounter. We can live in harmony with wild animals. It just takes compassion and a little effort.

Baby bunny in bush