Rescued Gopher Snake

We take all types of calls here at Wild Animal Rescue of Lane County. Usually just giving information over the phone, but sometimes we get to spring into action.

In early July this year we received a call from an elderly woman who said she had a snake enmeshed in her fence on her rural farm. She attempted to free it by herself but it “rattled” it’s tail so she wasn’t feeling safe to continue alone.

Our volunteers arrived on the scene and the first thing she asked was if we were prepared to remove it from the property. We agreed that we could relocate it to a different wild area and proceeded to the fence where it was trapped. There we found a gopher snake, which can make a fake rattle sound to warn others away. It was caught in multiple places with several swollen and raw areas from attempting to free itself from a nylon fence that was wrapped around it’s mid torso. The nylon squares had then gotten caught on the regular wire fencing of her farm. It seems it had been caught in the mesh awhile, but just recently the wire fence.

Using tiny scissors and extremely delicate surgery our volunteer was able to cut the mesh fencing off. After several strategic cuts it was free. The snake was grateful, slithering all around the rescuers’ arms. The woman realized it wasn’t dangerous to her and then asked if we would actually release it in her field after she got to hold it. It did have a few superficial injuries but we felt confident releasing it back into the wild field behind her small farm.

This is one of our favorite success stories so far because we were able to quickly rescue the snake from the reckless human infrastructure and change a human mind about the animal.

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